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Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Increasing customer satisfaction is a continuous focal point for MTM.  In every contract we operate, MTM improves customer satisfaction and reduces cost.  We conduct Member, medical provider/facility, transportation provider, and client surveys to gain insight on our performance.  Our Quality Management Committee (QMC) reviews the information to identify trends and opportunities for process improvements.

 Member Satisfaction
Unique to our industry, we monitor performance through weekly Member satisfaction surveys. We conduct the phone survey on a random 5% of all trips. To get the most accurate responses, we utilize a third party to administer these surveys. We also provide Members with a dedicated phone queue, our “We Care Line,” to report a provider no-show or excessive wait time. We track this information in our system and develop reports to monitor provider performance.  If a transportation provider has difficulty complying with performance standards, MTM will first try education or retraining. To ensure success, MTM may seek stronger measures, such as a Corrective Action Plan, liquidated damages, suspension, or removal from the network.

By conducting weekly satisfaction surveys with Members, MTM can make accurate and timely changes to the program. Soliciting this feedback gives the Department’s NEMT program a positive image while proactively making program improvements. Our QMC reviews the surveys monthly to determine any areas for improvement. MTM then develops and implements any process improvements identified by the QMC.

 Medical/Program Facility Satisfaction

We also solicit feedback from the caregivers. MTM conducts annual medical provider/facility surveys. These surveys help us identify opportunities for additional education and outreach. We look for areas MTM can improve its relationship with this stakeholder community to achieve the highest level of satisfaction. The QMC reviews the results of the surveys and provides findings to the Program Director. The annual report sent to the Department will contain the results of medical provider/facility satisfaction surveys.

 Transportation Provider Satisfaction

Transportation providers are an important component of the NEMT equation. Their issues and concerns, while different from the medical provider, are just as important to a quality NEMT program. Therefore, MTM conducts annual transportation provider satisfaction surveys. These surveys help us identify areas in which we have done well in working with this stakeholder group. The surveys also identify areas in which we can help transportation providers work with MTM more efficiently and provide feedback on our Network Representatives and Area Liaisons. The QMC receives the results of these surveys and develops process improvements as needed.

 Client Satisfaction

We provide our clients with an online survey in a format that accommodates anonymity to promote candid responses. We believe this is the best way to truly learn how well we are doing, and discover areas in which we can improve. We use the input for internal purposes to improve client services. The survey asks questions about the satisfaction with each department within MTM, response times, usefulness of reports, and services provided. The survey also asks specific questions about the Program Director’s performance. MTM’s VP of Client Services reviews the results and reports the findings to the QMC and the Board of Directors. 

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