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Blue Plus
Provider Services:
Blue Ride: 651-000-0000
If you have Blue Cross/Blue Shield, you must call 'Blue Ride' and set your ride up with them. If you contact us directly, they may not pay for the ride. Check your coverage by calling Provider Services before scheduling your ride. Minnesota Care is not covered.
Health Partners
Provider Services: 952-967-7979
Ride Care (Day Ride): 952-883-7400
Ride Care (Night Ride): 952-883-7444
If you need a ride between the hours of 8 am and 5pm, you will need to call Ride Care (Day Ride) directly to schedule your ride but if it is after 5pm and before 8 am, you will call Ride Care (Night Ride) and schedule your ride. Any ride you schedule should be verified for coverage first, especially rides scheduled at night. So make sure to call Provider Services above before scheduling your transport.
UCare Minnesota
Provider Services: 612-676-3300 (ambulatory)
Ride Line: 612-676-6830 (wheelchair)
If you have UCare and are looking for transportation, you can call UCare at the above numbers to verify coverage and also to set up a ride. We can set the ride up for you but you will need to have all your insurance information available at time of scheduling.
Medical Assistance
Automated Provider Line: 651-282-5354
Customer Relations: 651-296-7675
The automated line is excellent to use if you have your insurance number available and want to check to see if you have transportation coverage. Listen carefully and it should tell you that you have either, ambulatory transportation coverage or wheelchair transportation coverage. If you don't hear either of these things, chances are you are not covered. You may be under your secondary insurance, so it pays to check that as well. If you have questions and are not sure, contact Customer Relations above or call your social worker.
Provider Relations: 952-992-2292
Please keep in mind that Medica rarely covers transports unless you get a pre-authorization from them specifically. We will schedule the ride for you if you have your Medica information and authorization number available when you call. 

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Ensuring Safety

At MTM, the definition of Safety is freedom from risk.   Freedom of risk comes in many forms at MTM such as assisting a passenger in a wheelchair onto the vehicle, driving defensively, lifting with your legs instead of your back.  These are just some of the “norms” that we and our service providers do every day at MTM to keep us free from risk.  It is our goal to build on this foundation of “norms”, effectively respond to trends from studying our data, and establish operational excellence through uniform policies and procedures.

MTM performs vehicle inspections, transportation provider credentialing, insurance oversight, and conducts on-site visits to ensure we provide passengers with the safest transportation available. We verify documentation of completed driver criminal background checks (where applicable) and confirm that drivers have received extensive training. We remain committed to quality and safety, therefore, we provide oversight of the entire program through reviews, audits, credentialing and annual re-credentialing.

Some of our other policies and procedures, or “norms” that we use to provide safe transportation and operational excellence are:

  • Uniform Service Provider Guidelines
  • Service Provider Training Programs
  • Driver Classroom Education and Behind the Wheel Training
  • Safety  Check Program for all Drivers that includes a Criminal Background Check
  • Audit Oversight Program
  • Annual Refresher Training Programs
  • Prevention of Substance Abuse Education and Testing Program
  • Service Provider Communications Through Newsletters and Service Provider Meetings

Our Safety Culture is built on these “norms” and others that affect our performance and lead to a safe, reliable, transportation experience.

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Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Increasing customer satisfaction is a continuous focal point for MTM.  In every contract we operate, MTM improves customer satisfaction and reduces cost.  We conduct Member, medical provider/facility, transportation provider, and client surveys to gain insight on our performance.  Our Quality Management Committee (QMC) reviews the information to identify trends and opportunities for process improvements.

 Member Satisfaction
Unique to our industry, we monitor performance through weekly Member satisfaction surveys. We conduct the phone survey on a random 5% of all trips. To get the most accurate responses, we utilize a third party to administer these surveys. We also provide Members with a dedicated phone queue, our “We Care Line,” to report a provider no-show or excessive wait time. We track this information in our system and develop reports to monitor provider performance.  If a transportation provider has difficulty complying with performance standards, MTM will first try education or retraining. To ensure success, MTM may seek stronger measures, such as a Corrective Action Plan, liquidated damages, suspension, or removal from the network.

By conducting weekly satisfaction surveys with Members, MTM can make accurate and timely changes to the program. Soliciting this feedback gives the Department’s NEMT program a positive image while proactively making program improvements. Our QMC reviews the surveys monthly to determine any areas for improvement. MTM then develops and implements any process improvements identified by the QMC.

 Medical/Program Facility Satisfaction

We also solicit feedback from the caregivers. MTM conducts annual medical provider/facility surveys. These surveys help us identify opportunities for additional education and outreach. We look for areas MTM can improve its relationship with this stakeholder community to achieve the highest level of satisfaction. The QMC reviews the results of the surveys and provides findings to the Program Director. The annual report sent to the Department will contain the results of medical provider/facility satisfaction surveys.

 Transportation Provider Satisfaction

Transportation providers are an important component of the NEMT equation. Their issues and concerns, while different from the medical provider, are just as important to a quality NEMT program. Therefore, MTM conducts annual transportation provider satisfaction surveys. These surveys help us identify areas in which we have done well in working with this stakeholder group. The surveys also identify areas in which we can help transportation providers work with MTM more efficiently and provide feedback on our Network Representatives and Area Liaisons. The QMC receives the results of these surveys and develops process improvements as needed.

 Client Satisfaction

We provide our clients with an online survey in a format that accommodates anonymity to promote candid responses. We believe this is the best way to truly learn how well we are doing, and discover areas in which we can improve. We use the input for internal purposes to improve client services. The survey asks questions about the satisfaction with each department within MTM, response times, usefulness of reports, and services provided. The survey also asks specific questions about the Program Director’s performance. MTM’s VP of Client Services reviews the results and reports the findings to the QMC and the Board of Directors. 

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Care Management Approach

Addressing Special Needs with a Specialized Touch

MTM designed the transportation management industry’s first Utilization/Care Management (UCM) Department. This department gives medical facilities, social workers and caseworkers a single point of contact when scheduling non-emergency transportation. We staff this department with specially trained Care Managers who receive oversight from a Registered Nurse. 

Activities of MTM’s Care Management department include:

  • Conducting level-of-need assessments
  • Scheduling special or recurring trips such as dialysis, chemotherapy, high-risk obstetrical care, behavioral health services, transplants
  • Arranging commercial bus, rail, and air transportation
  • Arranging ancillary services such as meals and lodging
  • Ensuring clients receive the extra attention from the transportation provider when needed
  • Conducting utilization reviews to ensure clients adhere to medical protocols
  • Entering trip logs for mileage reimbursement into our NET Management System
  • Staffing the Discharge Queue (for prompt response to hospital discharges)

The Care Management department provides extra attention to those situations that require more intense review, special care beyond a standard trip request, or interaction with health care professionals. Providing staff focused on these special needs is one of many ways we help ensure high customer satisfaction among stakeholders and contain costs.

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Maximizing Access to Healthcare

Research shows that transportation problems are one of the most common barriers in accessing timely and necessary medical care for the disabled, underserved, and elderly populations. Providing safe and reliable non-emergency transportation for these individuals is critical to their health and wellbeing.

To meet these needs, MTM contracts with transportation providers across the nation, supporting all forms of local transportation systems. Under MTM's management, access to care for pregnant women, dialysis patients, low-income families, and the elderly is improved. These groups represent individuals who are most-at-risk for serious health problems.

Our services improve the overall health program members by ensuring that they have reliable access to routine and urgent medical visits. This increased access promotes preventative health measures and decreases overall healthcare costs by addressing health issues before they escalate. In addition, healthcare providers in our service areas have noted that a larger percentage of appointments are kept.

At MTM, every trip is case managed. We pioneered a global approach for access to healthcare and the related issues. MTM identifies and eliminates barriers to access and initiates comprehensive, fiscally responsible solutions.

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