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Maximizing Access to Healthcare

Research shows that transportation problems are one of the most common barriers in accessing timely and necessary medical care for the disabled, underserved, and elderly populations. Providing safe and reliable non-emergency transportation for these individuals is critical to their health and wellbeing.

To meet these needs, MTM contracts with transportation providers across the nation, supporting all forms of local transportation systems. Under MTM's management, access to care for pregnant women, dialysis patients, low-income families, and the elderly is improved. These groups represent individuals who are most-at-risk for serious health problems.

Our services improve the overall health program members by ensuring that they have reliable access to routine and urgent medical visits. This increased access promotes preventative health measures and decreases overall healthcare costs by addressing health issues before they escalate. In addition, healthcare providers in our service areas have noted that a larger percentage of appointments are kept.

At MTM, every trip is case managed. We pioneered a global approach for access to healthcare and the related issues. MTM identifies and eliminates barriers to access and initiates comprehensive, fiscally responsible solutions.

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