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Ensuring Safety

At MTM, the definition of Safety is freedom from risk.   Freedom of risk comes in many forms at MTM such as assisting a passenger in a wheelchair onto the vehicle, driving defensively, lifting with your legs instead of your back.  These are just some of the “norms” that we and our service providers do every day at MTM to keep us free from risk.  It is our goal to build on this foundation of “norms”, effectively respond to trends from studying our data, and establish operational excellence through uniform policies and procedures.

MTM performs vehicle inspections, transportation provider credentialing, insurance oversight, and conducts on-site visits to ensure we provide passengers with the safest transportation available. We verify documentation of completed driver criminal background checks (where applicable) and confirm that drivers have received extensive training. We remain committed to quality and safety, therefore, we provide oversight of the entire program through reviews, audits, credentialing and annual re-credentialing.

Some of our other policies and procedures, or “norms” that we use to provide safe transportation and operational excellence are:

  • Uniform Service Provider Guidelines
  • Service Provider Training Programs
  • Driver Classroom Education and Behind the Wheel Training
  • Safety  Check Program for all Drivers that includes a Criminal Background Check
  • Audit Oversight Program
  • Annual Refresher Training Programs
  • Prevention of Substance Abuse Education and Testing Program
  • Service Provider Communications Through Newsletters and Service Provider Meetings

Our Safety Culture is built on these “norms” and others that affect our performance and lead to a safe, reliable, transportation experience.

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