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Care Management Approach

Addressing Special Needs with a Specialized Touch

MTM designed the transportation management industry’s first Utilization/Care Management (UCM) Department. This department gives medical facilities, social workers and caseworkers a single point of contact when scheduling non-emergency transportation. We staff this department with specially trained Care Managers who receive oversight from a Registered Nurse. 

Activities of MTM’s Care Management department include:

  • Conducting level-of-need assessments
  • Scheduling special or recurring trips such as dialysis, chemotherapy, high-risk obstetrical care, behavioral health services, transplants
  • Arranging commercial bus, rail, and air transportation
  • Arranging ancillary services such as meals and lodging
  • Ensuring clients receive the extra attention from the transportation provider when needed
  • Conducting utilization reviews to ensure clients adhere to medical protocols
  • Entering trip logs for mileage reimbursement into our NET Management System
  • Staffing the Discharge Queue (for prompt response to hospital discharges)

The Care Management department provides extra attention to those situations that require more intense review, special care beyond a standard trip request, or interaction with health care professionals. Providing staff focused on these special needs is one of many ways we help ensure high customer satisfaction among stakeholders and contain costs.

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