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Kastone Mobility Services, LLC. offers its members an easy, convenient way to schedule an appointment called Easy Ride. The members, covered by applicable insurance program may use online scheduling system, call our scheduling department or send us email/ or fax. Member must be approved by corresponding insurance carrier and eligibility will be verified upon reservation. If your insurance program doesn't allow direct reservation, you would have to call your insurance transportation reservation line. Please see the table below for the list of applicable and none applicable insurance programs: 

Applicable for Easy Ride. and Direct Registration (a) Medical Assistance (MA) - STS (b) Private Pay (c) VA If you are approved for Special Transportation by the insurance programs listed above, you may call our office, use a web registration system or send us email/fax to schedule a ride. Please Note: Transportation Service may be declined if (1) the member does not have STS coverage for the date service is requested, (2) NAB Transportation INC does not have availability to provide a service at the requested date, (3) where permitted by the law for any other reason, at transportation provider discretion. To ensure prompt transportation service, please make your reservation as early as possible.
Not - Applicable for Easy Ride. and Direct Registration (a) M-NET (b) UCare (c) Blue Cross Blue Shield (d) Health Partners If you are covered by the company in this list, you have to contact respective scheduling lines. The phone should be printed on your insurance card. Please see the list of common phone numbers: M-NET: 1-866-467-1724 UCare: Blue Cross Blue Shield: Health Partners: Please Note: Every Insurance program has its own transportation reservation requirements and a guidelines. Make sure you know what limitations and rules apply to your specific situation. We would recommend to make a reservation as soon as possible as many companies have very strict timing rules and policies.

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